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Fellowship of Artists

The following fabulous individuals and creative ministries are part of our Kingdom Creativity Fellowship of Artists. They carry the same heart to pursue their craft with and for the Lord to impact others and the world around them. These creatives do not fall prey to competition or comparison but believe, as we do, that a win for the Kingdom is a win for Jesus, and a win for Jesus is a win for all of us. God uses each of us to re-present Him through our unique creative expression, whether overtly or covertly. Our Fellowship of Artists are dedicated to radiating the light of Christ and standing together as we shine in the way God designed us to do.

We hope that you will check out these artists, peruse their websites and social media, and support them through your purchases and promotion.


Thank you, in advance, for supporting these artists. Please continue to visit from time to time and check out new additions to our Fellowship. 





Unique sounds have always sparked my inspiration to create and collaborate. Being raised in a house full of music produced a natural desire to create sounds of my own at an early age. No matter the location, there are always beautiful sounds to be heard; it is a matter of training the ear to hear them. 


I started out playing guitar at the age of 13. My dad gave me two lessons in music theory and acoustic guitar and gave room for me to develop on my own. Since that time, I’ve studied various guitar techniques including electric, classical, and bass. In addition, I’ve become proficient with various instruments such as lap steel, ukelele, piano, and various percussion instruments. I work continually to improve as a musician to become a better conduit for new sounds. 


I am inspired by the beauty all around me in both the natural and spiritual realms. Between the noise and distractions of daily life, there is beauty to be sought out. As a musician, my aim is to create a sound that changes or complements the atmosphere. My end goal is to inspire the creativity in others to pursue their creative desires to the fullest extent. 
Facebook: Kelly Armstrong




Creative Arts Specialist/ Painter/Illustrator


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always kept art close to me; finding life in colors, sounds, movements, words, matter how dim or how bright. The place of creativity is one of my oldest friends. It is a living language that continues to speak volumes.


The collections of my artisan work have been crafted throughout several different seasons of my life. They were birthed in a variety of different atmospheres. Some of these paintings were done in private. Many were done within the midst of other artists, as we collaborated together. Still, others were created outdoors, as I sought to capture the beauty of creation on behalf of many different regions and people groups.


As an artist, I have come to understand that I have a responsibility to develop my craft of creative expression. I am committed to the calling to capture the heart of creativity and beauty. I must continue to learn to speak the language. It is one of my greatest joys to share what I find with others. Once I release my work, it doesn't belong to me anymore. My hope is that the viewers of my work would be sparked with a new piece of life of their own. May the language of creativity continue to have its way within the hearts and minds of us all!  

Instagram: @creative.artcart
Facebook: Lauren Armstrong 




Mercy Art Creations

Mary is a prophetic intercessory artist in the fine arts, music, writing, dance, and life.  In her 35 years as a new creation in Christ, she has ministered nationally and internationally with YWAM, Activate Love, Army Rising, and Craftsmen One Twenty Global.  Her passion is to identify, illuminate and call forth the revelation of the Creator's love and creativity inherent in every individual and region. Her desire is that the Bride of Christ and all of creation would rise up to be who they were created to be to display and honor the creator God in His magnificence and splendor. 







Gina began her theatre experience through out San Diego County, before moving to New York at the early age of 18. She continued to follow her dream while studying at the American Academy for the Performing Arts, and privately with some of New York’s finest vocal coaches. Gina walked the yellow brick road to stardom on Broadway after starring as Dorothy in the National Tour of the Wizard of Oz. She was the first female to be contracted for both starring roles Cosette and Eponine in the Broadway Cast as well as the National Touring Company of Les Miserables. Gina toured and performed in professional productions such as Camelot, Aldonza in Man of La Mancha, Ava in Evita and Marian in Music Man. She has performed in numerous industrial’s and concerts both in the USA and out of the country, from Montreal to Mexico. Gina has performed in more than 50 musical’s and concerts since the age of 12. Highlights from her youth include Maria in West Side Story, Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof and Mona Kent in Dames At Sea.

Among Gina’s own performance experience she proudly is creative producer for Big City Broadway for the last 15 years. It is a collaboration with childhood friend and fellow Broadway performer, Eric Kunze. Big City Broadway or BCB as it sometimes is referred to as, was designed “to give students opportunity’s Eric and I never had”. To work along side working professionals, build real industry relationships, and prepare for college and career. Gina’s passions are musical theatre producing and directing, her children, Sofia and Giuliana and her hunky husband Zach!





Author, Artist, Filmmaker​

Rebecca Friedlander has been in full-time ministry for 18 years, ministering both locally and internationally using creative arts and music. She is an ordained minister with The Missions Church International, has authored 10 books, and her films and TV series have aired around the world on multiple television platforms.  She has a BA in Christian Creative Arts, a master's in Celtic Studies, and has a new book releasing in 2021 with Baker House Publishing entitled The Divine Adventure: Spiritual Practices for the Modern-Day Disciple.





Artist / Found Poet​

Gabrielle Kingsley is a multi-passionate artist with a special love for words, textiles, and mixed media art. Her current and ongoing project is Thistlequiff, a collection of found poems. Gabrielle developed this technique as the marriage between collage and poetry, cutting words and phrases out of magazines and combining them to make new poetic and visual creations. With every poem, she aims to impact the heart and mind of the reader by sharing the stirrings of the Holy Spirit she feels as she interacts with her materials and excavates her own heart. She has self-published two volumes of her poetry and anticipates publishing subsequent volumes. Her poems are also available as prints via Redbubble. Gabrielle lives in the Greater Houston area with her husband and four children. 


Found poetry (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter): @thistlequiff
Other artistic adventures (Instagram): @gabrielle.kingsley


Prints and products:

Untitled design.jpeg


Artist / Author

I remember the first time I tried to connect the idea of making something beautiful and trying to sell it.  I was five years old and living in a small southern Oregon town.  Using my mother’s clear nail polish on pretty rocks I knew would make them even more beautiful.  Then I thought sharing their beauty with others was the obvious thing to do, so, standing by the side of Highway 199, I called out, “Rocks for sale!”  Sadly, I didn’t sell any beautiful shiny rocks that day, but the idea that art should be sustainable has never left me. So, my current quest is to learn how to make my various forms of art create income for me.  

I work in different mediums that include painting with acrylic on canvas, creating watercolors, and beautifying furniture. I write children’s books, my blog called 5 4 3 2 1 Go! Create! and am a contributor on a writer’s blog called Medium.

It is my belief that as humans we create because this is who we are.  We are made in the image of God, the Great Creator, so we are also creators.  I feel closer to my Creator when painting, writing, or even cooking.  I find life and identity when what is in me reaches out and finds the strength that comes through my imagination touching the Creator's. 

Website:  54321 Go! Create!:
RedBubble store:
The Adventure’s of Molly and Oliver:



Artist, Singer/Songwriter​

When God stepped in to make this ‘new creation’, she showed up creating!!!

First with a folk band out of Dallas, then as a solo artist, for the past plus twenty years, Charla writes to process life and seeks to express joy, love, and truth to others through her multi-instrumental writing. With an ethereal and meditative sound on one day, and a folky bluegrass fusion the next, she doesn’t quite fit completely in any genre...she now resides with her new husband and four wonderful kids in Austin TX area.

In this new season, she is collaborating with friends across the miles with Bravery Music and with visual artist Gabi Kingsley of Thistlequiff to produce at least one song a month....her newest song journey can be followed at

Charla tells stories through folk songs on one day, and pours out her heart as a worship leader on the next and categorizes these dual realities as a calling to sing “Out” and “Up”.

Charla is most fulfilled when the song she brings finds a home in another person’s heart and story like a statue in it's perfect niche.





Owner/Designer, Artist

Charity is a multi-faceted Creative. She views the world as a whimsical place, full of wonder and mystery. Her heart’s desire is to help awaken others to the world’s wonder and mystery through art and creativity. She loves vibrant colors and rich, meaningful words. Recently, she launched Hope Shoes, a hand-painted custom shoe company designed to help others literally walk out their purpose and hope with each step they take.




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